Baka Tagger v1.0.12

A simple tool to set tags and covers of mp4 files.

Screenshot of Baka Tagger with English localization.
Screenshot of Baka Tagger with English localization.

Download options:

1 KB, you can help to translate Baka Tagger into your language

Works on:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10


  • mp4 video files
  • png and jpg covers


  • Proper Unicode support
  • Clean UI
  • Batch file processing
  • Preview of cover look "like Explorer"
  • English, Dutch, Greek and Russian localizations
  • Portable, no installation is required

Known issues:

  • Taskbar extensions not working and causing crashes when Baka Tagger is launched with elevated privileges.
    (fixed since v1.0.8)
  • Drag-n-dropping files from Windows Explorer into Baka Tagger window not working when Baka Tagger is launched with elevated privileges.
    (this happens due to Windows process isolation policies)
  • Tagging of files residing at ReFs volumes fails since ReFs does not support hard links.
    (fixed since v1.0.11)
  • Tagging of files residing at volumes were writing to root is prohibited (such as c:\ for non-privileged users) fails since temp folder can not be created.
    (fixed since v1.0.11)
  • Non-English localizations could be picked by Windows Resource manager if none of localizations match system settings.
    (fixed since v1.0.12)


  • This software is free for non-commercial usage.
  • No warranties are implied, you are using this software on your own risk.
  • Files being processed must be available for writing, that is you should wait for Baka Tagger to finish before viewing them in video player or other applications.
  • Cover preview might not exactly match Explorer preview.
  • Explorer and other applications usually require some time to refresh displayed tags and covers.
  • Baka Tagger does not extract existing covers or tags.
  • Double quotes
    in tags are replaced with single quotes.
  • Audio, Video, and Comment tags are merged into description tag.
  • Recommended cover size is 256x256 or 1024x1024.
  • Right-click on cover preview area to open context menu.

Credits and references:

  • Dutch translation provided by Wim Lobeek.
  • Greek translation provided by geogeo.gr.
  • This software utilizes Nero AAC by Nero AG.
  • This software uses LZMA library.
  • This software was developed with helpful info found on doom9.org and MSDN.